Addessi Jewelers Customer Service

Entering my family business of Addessi Jewelers transports you into our inclusive world of magnificent jewelry. Since 1948 when my family started this business they worked tirelessly to integrate a culture of integrity and a level of working hard that existed back in the early days that continued during their successful time at operating this now nearly 70 year old family affair.

Every aspect of Addessi Jewelers has been thoughtfully integrated to offer unwavering excellence and exceptional professional services. Our ultimate goal is to make your experience unforgettable. 


Innovative custom design work has been a family tradition at Addessi Jewelers for nearly 70 years. Our team of highly trained and experienced jewelers will work with you and our on-site Master Jeweler to transform your vision from imagination to reality.


The care we take throughout the process results in a piece that is classic, timeless and complementary to the appearance, taste and lifestyle of the wearer.

You can also bring us an existing piece, and we will reinterpret it with new settings and configurations into a brand-new design. Our original designs encompass engagement and anniversary rings, gemstone necklaces, earrings, bracelets and brooches, including the 18 kt gold and diamond Cass Gilbert Fountain style Brooch , created for Ridgefield’s 300th Anniversary.



An engagement ring symbolizes the love and commitment a couple share. Addessi Jewelers respects that bond by the care we take in helping you select the perfect ring. We will work with you to find a piece that reflects the personal style of the wearer, as well as your budget. Anniversary rings are also a specialty with us. Many of our clients come back to us for the ideal piece to mark an anniversary – milestone or otherwise. Whether you seek an engagement or anniversary ring, we have a wide selection, or you can make the occasion even more special with a custom-designed ring from Addessi.



Addessi Jewelers is pleased to offer cleaning and inspection of your fine jewelry so that you may enjoy it for many years to come. We recommend that you have your jewelry cleaned every season and inspected for loose prongs, worn mountings and general wear and tear once a year. Regular cleaning and inspection help to prevent the loss of a gemstone due to damaged prongs or mountings. Ring gemstones, in particular, get scratched from everyday wear and should be inspected and repolished to bring back their original brilliance. We also recommend that you take off rings when cleaning or doing gardening and have a ring holder available to keep your rings safe.


Jewelry Repair

With proper care, your precious jewelry should last a lifetime – and beyond. To assure the well being of your jewelry Addessi offers a full range of repair services that includes:

  • Cleaning and all restoration
  • Ring re-sizing
  • Jewelry mounting and prong re-tipping
  • Precious stone replacement, re-cutting and polishing
  • Necklace/bracelet chain and clasp repair
  • Earring repair
  • Pearl restringing and more.

Our on-site Master Jeweler performs these services in our on-site workshop. We also have the benefit of long-standing relationships with outside partners who occasionally supplement the work of our Master Jeweler. We invite you to come in with your piece, and we will evaluate it under a microscope and give you a free repair estimate. Our skilled bench jeweler will return it to like-new condition, and our insurance will cover it from loss by theft or fire while we work on it.

Watch Repair

Preventive maintenance is key to the performance and longevity of your timepiece. Addessi recommends that a fine watch undergo thorough cleaning and inspection at least every five years to overcome the toll that dust, moisture, vibrations and everyday mechanical strain take on your watch’s moving parts. We have a trusted and long-standing relationship with a Master Certified Watchmaker – who can perform a thorough restorative service, which includes:

  • Disassembly
  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Lubrication
  • Reassembly
  • Visual inspection
  • Check of timepiece accuracy

Our watch repair services also include battery and band replacement, performed at our store.


hand-engraving-300x150.jpgPerformed by a master hand engraver. Expect a period of roughly 6 weeks. A family crest, image or simple monogram will be cherished forever. Engraving adds a personal touch that can transform a gift item or piece of jewelry into treasures that will be cherished for generations. Addessi Jewelers carries a wide variety of items that can be hand engraved, including jewelry, watches and crystal. We have a wide selection of typefaces and images for engraving personalized messages, monograms, coats of arms, scanned signatures, and corporate logos.


Appraising your jewelry on our premises. Having certificiation from industry based organizations is very important in apprasing your jewelry. The title of Certified Gemologist Appraiser of the American Gem Society is a high achievement within the jewelry industry and is an important benchmark when considering appraising jewelry. Your appraisal will be performed by an Independent Certified Gemologist Appraise that we have an affiliation with. The appraisal has several intended uses, it will provide valuations for insurance replacement, fair market value and estate purposes as well as enable you to take inventory of these valuable assets. When you bring your jewelry to us for appraising, we will inspect it in under a binocular microscope, photograph it, determine its materials, weight, workmanship, condition and calculate a valuation. We will provide you a written report, which Addessi Jeweler’s will also maintain on its premises. An appraisal is an important strategy in safeguarding your family’s jewelry assets and most importantly to establish its value and a record of your important assets. When you make your visit we will be sure to explain all the benefits of having your valuables appraised and help you to sort out the items worth appraising.


We will be sure we offer you individual services and make ourselves available at any time of day. Our shipping arrangements can include world-wide delivery. Our consultations are offered in a private setting to consult with you, identify specific gemstones and pieces of jewelry that fit your style and budget. In our Private Viewing Room, which can be the most memorable part of a visit to our store, we will show you many one-of-a-kind creations in a quiet, relaxing environment. Our Certified Gemologist and expert diamond and jewelry consultants can help you find the perfect piece for your special occasions.


We have a wide array of beautiful gifts for special personal occasions, such as weddings and anniversaries, and corporate giving as well. Our trained staff can provide invaluable assistance in helping you choose from our selection of personal and corporate gift-giving ideas within your budget. Addessi’s lines of fine gifts include Waterford Crystal, Herend Porcelain and Lunt Silver collections. Platinum Points Reward Program. Earn benefits and rewards each time you shop or enjoy our many services. Corporate Gifts: Our corporate program includes free custom gift wrapping, shipping via UPS or FedEx daily and free local delivery service. Gift Cards: Our elegantly wrapped Addessi Gift Cards make gift-giving easy. Call to order at 203-438-6549 or visit our store located on historic Main Street In Ridgefield, Connecticut.